● Cotton is soft, cool and comfortable.
● Wash in cold water as warm water can shrink cotton garments.
● It has a tendency to wrinkle so use a hot steam iron before wearing.

● Wash denim before wearing.
● To avoid shrinking denim, wash in cold water and use low heat if drying.
● The shrinking properties of cotton allow you to wash denim once worn to get the original shape back
● Traditional Jeans Fabric is 100% cotton, and very durable.

● Polyester is durable, strong, and resistant to creasing.
● It's a manufactured fibre, which wears well.
● Wash in cold or warm water, and use a fabric softener.
● Low absorbency allows fibre to dry quickly - resistant to stretching or shrinking.
● It's sensitive to heat so use iron at a low temperature inside out, with no steam.
● Some garments with Polyester may be "dry clean only", make sure you check the manufacturer's label to find out if your garment is.

● Viscose breathes like cotton and has a soft luxurious feel.
● The most common type of rayon.
● Try to avoid pegging viscose on the clothes line as the pegs can leave indents when fabric is wet.