About Us
Mukund Garments (brand name, Radhika) is a well-known girl's wear providing quintessential clothing to the young princesses of today. We aim to provide the best of designs which are regularly updated at the most cost to worth ratio in the market. We aim to provide quality, taste, innovation and perfection for the young ladies who will lead the nation in the foreseeable future. As they say, clothing is an art worth perfecting, so why not start early on with us and you?
Core Value and Beliefs
Our belief system works not on a contemporary principles but upon the age old; tried and tested ideologies such as:
● Singular unit; we believe that a successful organisation works like a well-oiled machinery; where every part is unique and contributes to the success of the entire machine as a whole.
● Kaizen: Constant improvement: Kaizen is a Japanese concept taught in major B-schools as a classic growth driver in organisations such as Toyota. The weighty terms stands for one simple thing, constant and gradual improvement. We believe; we make mistakes each day, we learn each day and outgrow ourselves
● Quality over all: Mass production today has led to dumping of inferior quality material in the market. We stand for one ideology that quality trumps all and we strive to provide the best value for money or quality to quantity ratio in the market.
● Two Way Theory: Our idea is not to make sales and simply gain one time profits, the value lies in obtaining opinion, feedback and suggestions to outgrow ourselves, become better day by day and attain greater market share as well as reach.

● To offer designer Kid's wear at affordable prices and support growth of indigenous markets.

● To be the market leader in the Kid's Wear segment across the nation.